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My Greco Guitar

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I am new around this board, thought i would get an expert review on an old greco guitar that I bought. Its a Greco-Zemaitis GZ-2500-IF Guitar, picture ->
Got it for 10,000 rupees (that's equal to $166). One of the pickup has been replaced, i noticed the silver color screw on them which do not match with the other standard golden color screws.

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i'm no expert but it looks like a les paul copy. does it sound like a gibson? if so, you got a sweet deal :D

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very slim waistline on that one.. looks good... how does she play?.. looks like a full two octave neck.. nice


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I don't know anything about Greco-Zemaitis guitars, but it may well be a co-operation with A Japanese guitar manufacturer by the name of Greco. Their guitars were well regarded along with Burny and Tokai, which were all cloners of US guitars, mostly LPs and Strats. They were probably the reason that Gibson created the Orville brand, which was built in Japan, to compete with them.

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And Welcome to the boards by the way...

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Nice guitar, and welcome to the board.

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