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my iPod helped me solo better

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I recently downloaded a iPod touch keyboard app for my iPod touch. The first thing I tried to learn on it was the solo for Smells Like Teen Spirit. I didn't know the notes of the solo but knowing what key it was in I started winging it by ear. On the guitar, the bends never sounded right. Playing them on the keys involved finded the key that the note was bent to. I found the correct note but it still didn't sound right. After much experimenting I was able to get it to sound right. Through this I knew what I was doing wrong. The first time a bended note occurs in the solo I was doing it right. The second bended note I was messing up. I was bending it once then going on to the next note, as the tab calls for but it always sounded wrong. When I picked up my guitar to try the solo using the notes I instantly knew what I was missing. I was supposed to bend the note then bring it back to it's natural position then play it again. When I did that, it sounded spot on.

It's funny that the solo sounded wrong for 4 years and it took an iPod piano to figure out why.

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its one of those things that seems to sound so easy to play when you hear the original, but when you go to figure the notes out, the bending of the notes is the tricky part. Its so easy, yet so hard to perfect(if that makes any sense). Albert King was so good at those big time chokes. Even if you know exactly how to play that with the bends, it'll likely sound a little different each time you play it. That ipod app sounds pretty cool. I wonder if the app is on the phone too. I still haven't bought a touch although I will eventually.