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My new Strat Deluxe...
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My new Strat Deluxe - PICTURES ADDED

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Say, do you think the TV is big enough???

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Not really, I have a 100 inch "screen" (I could make it even bigger but I'd need a much bigger room too!).

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Steve that's a beauty of a GEETAR :)

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That is one luscious (an adjective that hasn't yet been used in this thread as far as I can remember :lol: ) Strat! I've seen that color in person and it's quite striking. You captured that candy tangerine as well as possible here, though. Yours is kinda like a combo of 2 of mine (one with S-1 and pearloid pickguard, the other with LSR roller nut which I love...but no 'buckers or tangerine!). While I readily admit that the quality is easily distinguishable from all of my so-called cheapies, I still enjoy 'em all. Quality AND quantity is my game, I'm afraid. :roll: Anyway, your new baby is lovely and I offer my sincere congrats! :D

P.S. Nice legs. :oops:

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Oooh that's pretty. :) Congrats!

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