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My Rocking Adventures (A humorous story) Part two

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Hi everyone! it's really been a long time since the first one but i'm sure you handled the seperation well :D
I want to start and say that this is an adventure that i went on to boarden my musical horizon, and after some things happened i decided it could be fun to write it out in a Humorous way and ask for some advice along the way, i really hope you'll enjoy it and express your opinion about how i should act next.
Oh, and you can check out part one if you like (it'll be a bit less understandable if you don't but...)

that's the URL

OK, here we go:

Part Two
Well, last time you guys said i should join the better band so i did :D
i came to the first Rehearsal, carrying my big brother's guitar in a large black case and feeling, well, kind of a stage fright.
I got into the room where everyone looked at me with s,iling faces saying "welcome" and "let's have fun" but all i could think was "they're happy now but what's gonna happen when i pull out my brother's antique guitar (and when i say antique i mean older then me)
when i played that guitar at home on my practice amp it sounded more like i'm playing a cat then a guitar! it was butifull but sounded like hell...

after a few moments the other guitarist (plays a fender strat) comes to me and sayes "let's see your guitar man"
everyone comes and stands around me as i put down the solid case and open the locks... better to get it over with fast, like a bandage i told myself... i opened the case and closed my eyes waiting for the other guys to laugh or make a funny comment or something, but i hear nothing... silence... i look up to see the faces of my new band... "wow" says the guitarist
"what?" i ask, expecting the blow, and then...
"She's a buety..."
"yea man, how could you have that laying around under your bad and not play it?" asks my friend the drummer
"uh....not play this?..." i reply cautiously
and then i felt like an idiot, because that old antique really WAS an antique, it's a Gibson Les Paul Custom Deluxe and the reason it sounded bad was because my amp.... turns out it's considered a good guitar :D and it is! i played it on a fender R212 amp and it sounded so good :shock: turns out the speaker in my amp was torn and i don't know anything about elecric guitars so...

anyway the rest of the rehearsal went well, we played david bowie's Star man and it was really fun, the other guitarist really knows what he's doin and i learned alot so thanks for encourging my to join these guys.

a few days later my big brother came home from his appartment and brought with him an amplifier, a really big one, and then left to california to learn art.

when i came home and saw the amp i was thrilled, it's great and sounds wonderful with the gibson.

now, do you remember the other guys i played with last time, my beginner friends? i came to another rehearsal but with them this time.

before i came to the rehearsal i went to the music store where the salsman laughed at me for my broken nail last time and purchesed a metronom (thanks to kent for his advice) so after the salsman laughed at me again for needing a metronom i went to rehearsal.

when i got in the room and showed everyone the metronom the bassist quit the band immeadeatly out of sheer shame :?
so we are now me, another guitarist, a keyboardist and a drummer.
we all picked out our instruments and got ready to play when we suddnly realised that... well... we don't really know any songs :?
I have to tell you that being the most expierienced person in the room can be fun, but only if you actually know what you're doing. :(
we sat for 15 minutes trying to figure out which song we can play, we needed something easy that has all of the instruments in the band... and we didn't find it :cry:
after a few more amberessing minutes i had an idea, i told them how to play a 12 bar blues (i know how to because the guitarist in the good band showed me) and we had a little jam session, it turned out nice (that metronom is CRUCIAL :shock: they can't hold a rythem...)

that's it! thank you for reading this far! (you are probobly the only one to fo so 8) ) as you might have guessed i need song suggestions for the beginners :) anything goes (tabs chords just suggestions, really anything)

and another thing, the amp i have now is... unidentified :? i looked it up online but i didn't find anything so if someone can shed some light on this amp it would be really nice, here are the things i could get off him:

it's a Kamen Matrix MA100SC
it has two input jacks (one is labled high, the other low, please tell me what that means :( )
two sets of Gain/Volume (divided as channels A and B) knobs and a channel switch (why two channels?)
A four way Equelizer- the knobs go (high - Mid - Low - Presence) (what the %@$# is presence? :? )
A reverb knob
and two chorus knobs (Depth - Length) (wtf? :| )
if can help me decipher this amp i would greatly appriciate it :D

please tell me if you found it as amusing as i did :D i'm sorry for the langth, if enough people want to i'll keep on going with these posts (and i guarentee theyll be shorter :P ) so please tell me what's your thoughts, if you don't think it's interesting please tell me as well and i'll stop it. (the next one is really gonna be shorter :mrgreen: )
as always i am very open to any suggestions, comments, criticisem etc.

Yours With my Semi understandable (israeli-style) Humor