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my rocking adventur...
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my rocking adventures (part one)

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Hi everyone, i hope all is well.
please read this one, it's not as heavy as most of my stuff,(i know it's long but it's entertaining(i think :? ))

Part one.
i'm kind of new around here so most of you probably don't know me, i'm classico :D , and as the name suggests i play classic guitar (oh, i should post a picture, i play a NEW, beutiful classic guitar made by Emilio Burguet in spain from indian rosewood and white cedar...sry :mrgreen: got carried away) well anyway, i play classic guitar and i really want to boarden my musical horizons by joining a band and getting out of the classical bubble, in short, i want to play some rock before i'm old... (i'm now 17) the problem is that until a couple of days ago i never even touched an electric guitar and no band wants a classical player... :cry:

so i picked up an electric guitar (an old, OLD, gibson les-paul deluxe model white no effects to go with it) and started to play some smoke on the water, fairly easy comperd to trio in A minor by vivaldi right? not really, and why? because i play only fingerstyle, i strummed a few bars and broke my nail :cry: (only a real man can grow nails and be proud of them, and so it hurts...)
so i had to pick up a pick, but i didn't have any at home so i went to the store where the salsman laughed at me openly about my broken nail... un-fun...

soon after that expirience i found myself pickless again because as i strummed smoke on the water my pick fell under the sofa... again, un-fun...

a few days later i had the pick thing figuerd out (approximatly) so i talked to one of my friend who plays drums and he said i should come and play with them, i thought "what's the worst right?" so i went.

well, the worst turns out to be a live jam in front of 15 people who i don't know (friends of the band) to see if i can play with them... i know my scales so it wasn't all bad but i never played with a band before and it was very emberesing to play in front of 15 people on my first time :oops: plus, these guys were much, MUCH, better then me.

the next day i went to another friend of mine who just started playing piano and we played together, it was much more relaxed and easy but i really didn't find it as exiting and scary as playing with the better players...

later that day my friend from the band told me i'm in, but i don't know whay i should do :? should i go play with the guys who are better then me? or is it better to start playing with bigginer players to build up confidance?

that's my story, the begining of it at least. i hope you found it entertaining (if you did please let me know :D )
i'm planning to continue posting stuff as they happen and tell you guys how i'm doing :D (if you think i shouldn't and it's boring please tell me so i can stop before i emberess myself more then i already did :oops: )

as this things are for real, i'm very (VERY) open for suggestions about what to work on and where to go next in order to progress my adventure 8)

yours with great hope that you found this amusing (as i did)