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Need advice on electric guitars

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So I'm ordering a late Xmas gift for myself, and I'm on looking at the guitars in my price range €500-€700ish. I've come across a couple that I really like Aesthetically, but never actually tried them out so I'm only judging by the specs, if you could give me any advice that'd be great. I know a fair bit about about guitars, been playing around 5-6 years but I've always liked the help of other people when it comes to making an investment of this price.
Ibanez MTM20 WH ESP LTD EC331 FR Diamond Barchetta STE 14
I've used the EMG 81-85 pups ok the diamond guitar but I've never used the pups on the other two, though reviews don't seem to kind about them. Also I know the Ibanez is a Mick Thomson guitar and a lot of people don't like Slipknot but I think the guitar is gorgeous.
I'll be playing mostly thrash and groove metal kinda stuff, Lamb of God, Slayer, Testament kinda music if that helps.
Also, if you guys have any different guitar suggestions, they are very welcome. I do however have a preference for ST or Single Cut shapes and Matte or White finishes, very fussy, I know.