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Need your opinion

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Hello, friends. I recently posted an article on how to learn to play solos for beginners.
I covered all the topics that I believe are important and included all kinds of tips and advice that I know of.
But the problem is that I'm self taught and there probably are things that could be explained better.
Also the theoretical part about scales is explained in the way I see it, but for a person who knows music theory better it may seem not the best.
I would highly appreciate if you take a look and give some feedback on the things that you see wrong or weird in the article.
Whether it's a good or a bad feedback - I'd highly appreciate if you put it in the comments.
Keep in mind that the article is aimed to help beginners in the first place.

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Not to be a contrarian, but I think it's a bit disingenuous to come to a site that provides FREE guitar lessons for everyone and promote a site of your own that purports to do much the same thing, especially given that you're self-taught and have no basis for claiming any expertise in the subject.

I looked at your site. It's got pretty much the same thing every other beginner site has. That's not a bad thing -- c'est la vie! If it provides a greater understanding of guitar and music theory, then so be it.

I just think people who come to Guitar Noise for lessons and learning deserve to not be steered away to another site that does much the same thing.

Duke Ellington said it best: "If it sounds good, it IS good!"

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Your own website is a better place to keep things together, since you have all the control of formatting, designing and presentation.
While I agree with you, I don't think that it would make sense to create a 5000 words posts on a forum since it's much easier to post it on a blog and link to it.
I don't think following the link and reading my guide will make someone forget and never come back to guitar noise again.
That's what makes internet beautiful - you can use links to refer people to useful resources.

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I am a beginner and learning to play guitar, will surely give it a read and share my feedback.