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never two days the ...
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never two days the same...

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i read recently pete townshend saying that sometimes he gets totally frustrated because he cant make the guitar sound like he wants it to.

it happens to the best of us

"We all have always shared a common belief that music is meant to be played as loud as possible, really raw and raunchy, and I'll punch out anyone who doesn't like it the way I do." -Bon Scott

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You know, I used to feel this way, but I have to say the guitar now is my oasis, a safety zone where things are usually consistent. Why? Because I decided to learn how to sing! To my mind there is nothing more frustrating (or scary, if one is performing) than singing. One day, it's all there :P the next day, nothing! :x

:wink: I am right there with you Jack! ... for whatever reason, I started to sing. Can't explain it, maybe all the fresh air I got last month (boy oh boy you need lungs to sing :roll:) ... maybe it was because I finally got the hang of banging 2 sticks together in rhythm AND singing, but there it is. :roll:

So now even the "simple" songs present a new challenge. On the flip side, instrumental verses are suddenly easy if ALL I'm doing is playing guitar. hahahaha. :roll:

So excuse my absence for another month or two while I have fun (or not) working out this whole new pile o' bugs :wink:

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Just throwing my two cents in....
I'm not a professional musician, but play in a band that has regular gigs...I've been playing since about 1988, (so by rights I should be a lot better than I am :lol: ) and it's true what everyone is saying - we all have those days where it just grooves & others where we're made humble by the electric lady. :roll:
So don't get depressed man, it'll happen, but in time the things you stuff up & make you feel that way will be more complicated & you wont even notice how the simple things just become second nature. I don't think any players take for granted how wonderfull it is to play the simplest of songs around a campfire or with some mates in the garage. & just remember those times when nothings will.

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I'm slowly coming to accept this reality. It's a mind-boggling thing. Some its all flowing like pure water, and sometimes I'm stumbling around hitting wrong notes here and there, fingers getting stuck. Really weird thing.

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