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New Amp! Ibanez 25R...
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New Amp! Ibanez 25R tone blaster

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just got er' tonight..what a lil' beauty! i love this amp. it has all i need for right now! a great clean sound...a nasty distortion...a killer crunchy sound and great as happy as a pig in mud! sounds much bigger than a 25 watt amp..i was very..very impressed! i hight recommend this quality ibanez product!

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I have one of these too and I have to say I'm not as impressed as you are. Turned up LOUD, it sounds good, the overdrive is really nice and snarly. But at low volumes and through the headphone jack, it sounds pretty crappy to me. Especially the clean channel. But if I use a pedal, it sounds pretty good. But hey, if you like it, it's cool. I'm not a fan of solid state amps to tell you the truth, but beggars cant be choosers.

Congrats on your purchase thought, may it bring you much pride and joy