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New grand scheme......
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New grand scheme.....

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Hi all,

I posted the other day about my birthday cash (£2100) a portion of which is going to be spent on a guitar. Or guitar gizmos. I'm considering an ibanez, I've always liked them! I'm torn between several options, an S series with lovely Dimarzio pickups, . Or.... the vai signature, , the 555 which is a sensible price or the Jem 7 , which is frankly overpriced but beautiful!
i've also been swayed by this absolutely stunningly beautiful acoustic....

If anyone has any experience with any of these guitars a little feedback would be great :D
I'm gonna camp in my local shop though!


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have played that S series........very nice!!! Great action . The Wizard II neck is nice too. Excellent tone for stock P/U s.

Never played the others

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cool, I like jet kings, at least how they look, I've never played one.

Thanks Dudes!
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A colleague has a JEM 7, and he absolutely loves it. He waited till he thought he wanted something really good, and he especially like all the different tonal possibilities with the different pickup combinations.

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I have a lower end s series guitar (s470dx) and I really like it. The tremelo doesn't go out of tune very often and the body isn't all spikey like most ibanez guitars. Personally I'd get this one:


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What exact purpose ibanez humbuckers serve with the scs.Do they aim to provide a Gibson type of sound ?