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new guitar!

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Enjoy! :D

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Always loved the the gold top les pauls. 8)

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Looks great! Funny, I've never heard a single word uttered against Agile guitars on these forums - everyone who has one reckons they're the bee's knees. They must be doing something right!

:D :D :D


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Congrats on the new LP, she's a beauty.

I wouldn't worry about the bending strings thing at all, it is a new guitar, probably just feels different than what you're used to. LPs do feel different than Strat's, to me the strings feel "spongy" on an LP and more stiff on the Strat, but that's just me. Just have fun playing it. :D

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Very Nice! My Agile 3100 is on the UPS truck as we speak! Can't wait to get home after work! :D :D

I'm severely GASsing for a 'root beer' Agile 3100 and Rondo are more than happy to deliver DownUnder. With a birthday soon, I just might get GAS relief:

♪♫ Ron ♪♫

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That root beer one has tempted me on more than one occasion.

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Funny, I have an AL-3100 and my brother has the Fender Hwy 1 HSS. The strings are WAY easier to bend on my Agile. I believe we both have 10's on them, at least mine came with 10s. On his, I can barely get a good bend, and on my Agile, I can bend the hell outta notes, almost afraid I'm gonna screw up the nut or break a string they bend so easy.

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The scale length is shorter on the Agile than the Fender.

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