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New Guitar Day! (Fe...
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New Guitar Day! (Fender American Deluxe Strat)

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i just received this today from fellow member Metalmm785, plays great, and feels really solid and well built. it's a 98-99 American Deluxe, in the color that i have always wanted. the pickups were changed from vintage noiseless to fender custom shop 69's

it has 2 push pull pots. the middle tone control acts as a midrange control. the second tone control acts as a master tone for all pickups.

if you pull the first tone control, you get an out of phase sound like Brian May. if you pull the second tone knob, positions 2 and 4 get a much fatter sound, close to humbuckers. metalmm would describe it as almost like a low output PAF pickup (not identical of course)

made a video too, showing the tone possibilities.

now for pictures (this includes my other guitars as well)

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Cool guitar! And nice color too!

It seems it is the time of Strat Deluxe. Two members have bought recently and a third is considering this model.

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That is a very cool color. 8) Enjoy it.


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Nice guitar. Me thinks my next guitar will be a Strat.

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Congrats on the new guitar !

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Nice guitar man! :D

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You, sir, owe my wife an explanation. After seeing this the other day, I couldn't wait any longer to pull the trigger. I had to buy the Squier Strat I've been considering. "I know I've only been playing 6 months, dear, but if I had an acoustic and an electric I could do so much more! I promise not to buy an expensive one!"

It may be a pale imitation of the beauty you just obtained, but it's got that pretty Strat look, and it plays real nice for my level. I'm in love all over again.

Now, how soon can I start claiming that I need a few of the other styles in that picture?

It's a beautiful collection. Congrats.

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Now, how soon can I start claiming that I need a few of the other styles in that picture?

We have another GAS victim!

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I bought an american deluxe about 6 months ago and I love it. The tone is just incredible and the hand rounded fretboard is so comfortable. Worth every penny.