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New Guitar - Possible problem with neck width?

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Hi guys and gals,

Well, my old £50 Stagg acoustic is going to be retired (although I may keep it in some dangerous form of alternate tuning)...

What to do... I think I've decided on getting a mid-range Tanglewood Acoustic-Electric - The Sundance Historic is based on the early 30s/40s style and I liked the sound of it because it has a 44.5mm neck width as most others have a standard 43mm.

My hands are fairly large and I thought it might assist me...we can but hope!

I read the review and it seemed to intimate that the wider necks wasn't suitable for beginners or novices - of which I'm sure I still fall into that category even after three years of noise-making.

Can anyone shed some light on that comment and tell me if they have had problems with a wider-necked instrument.


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When I think back to when I first began I struggled to finger an open C chord without muting other strings, now its no trouble. I think after a period of time our fingers and hands loosen up and stretch further. I think any increase in neck size probally makes it a little harder for the average beginner to finger chords and notes. I think the stage your at its going to be more a case if it feels comfortable to you. Neck size and shape is really down to personal preference. I bought a Tanglewood Heritage tw55 about 4 years ago and its a great guitar.