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Hey, I'm new to the board. Can't wait to start talking music with everyone.

I was hoping someone could help me with a tuning question. I want to play some chevelle songs (sleep apnea, shameful metaphors), but it's really hard for me to practice these and change my tuning for every song I need to play. My guitar is in drop D tuning, if I wanted to play a song in drop C# tuning, could I just change all chords half a step lower (i.e. play chord on fret 4 instead of fret 5) or would this not work? Thanks for any help.

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you could just play it a step lower w/ the same tuning. It might mess you up on an open power chord - since you wouldn't have the bass note (c#)

w/ my band, we play standard, drop D, and Drop C#. I use one guitar for standard and drop d, the other for drop c#. I prefer that to retuning or playing down a half step on the fretboard.

this could be your excuse to buy another guitar :D

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Don't forget that if you're not playing along with the recording and simply want to learn it or practice it, you can stay in standard tuning just to learn the shapes and chords and solos. Of course a lot of solos are easier in dropped standard as the strings are looser.