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new tubes

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so i got it, and its sitting 10 feet from me my first tube amp, however i was told that they tubes are shot, they are the ones that came with the amp, and the guy said i shoud replace them, they are 6L6 and i want a high power high output high gain tube, i really have no idea im new so tell me a couple and i'll read up on them

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oops just read Wes's

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I would recommend you check out Bob at Eurotubes. He sells quality tubes at great prices. His customer service is outstanding as well. I believe your amp is a little older??? Write Bob an e-mail and tell him what you are looking for. He will give you professional advice.


I don't get anything out of recommending Eurotubes. But I have dealt with Bob several times in the past. His service is amazing quick, I've always got my tubes within 3 days of ordering. Bob will also take the time to answer your personal questions on your amp and the kind of tone you are after. So, in my opinion, he has earned a great reputation through superior service.

In fact, I'm about to order a full retube for my Marshall DSL401 from Bob this week. :D

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I recently re-tubed two amps with Bob's help. Like Wes said, very knowledgeable and outstanding customer service. I highly recommend Eurotubes.

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Yup.. Me too. I went to Bob for my retube on my HotRod Dlx.

Check his sight. He should have on his page what he recommends for your specific Amp and if not, drop him an email, He'll get back to ya.

Glad I got my JJ's from him and will again when the need arises.


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What they said.

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I'm a big fan of Electro-Harmonix preamp tubes and JJ power tubes - can't go wrong with that combo.

Make sure you have your amp re-biased after changing out the power tubes.

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