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NGD: Birthday prese...
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NGD: Birthday present to myself...

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All I've got is a not-so-great phone image since I loaned my good camera to my parents for their eBay addiction... It's a Classic Series 50s Strat in surf green. Everything's better in surf green. I bought it to tinker with (planned on putting in Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups and generally fiddle with all the electronics), but after fooling around with pickup height and noodling around on it last night I don't know if I want to molest it. It sounds cool. It's a nice light one. Was going to get an American Standard, but I really, really liked the neck on these. And the surf green.

It's my first Strat, and my first guitar with single coils. It's... different. Definite difference feom a solid body with humbuckers.

The second part of my birthday non-surprise (can't really surprise myself for a few more years, yet, still have some short term memory) was a Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Blue pedal (blues oriented tube preamp/overdrive/distortion pedal is the best way to describe it, I guess). It's a lot of fun with both the Strat and the Gretsch 5120 in the pic hooked up to my Princeton Reverb. I hadn't gotten a lot of the Gretsch twang at acceptable volume levels, but now I have it. I understand why people swap out the pickups on the 5120s now.

It's making me want to experiment with a compression pedal, which I don't have. It's never enough...

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Really nice guitar. I love the color.

My Strat also has a "V" neck. I like it, too. Once I did red those necks are very special: you like them or hate them. It seems you and me are in the first set!


And happy birthday!