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NGD-Never thought I...
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NGD-Never thought I'd see the day!

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Let me put some perspective into this, I've been playing guitar for 20 years or so, always been a Gibson/Epi guy, but I've played my share of Ibanez, PRS, Fender's all sorts of stuff over the years, but there was one brand that I always just shyed away from, not necessarily because they made inferior instruments, just wasn't my style. I didn't like the crowd they appealed to, and swore to myself I'd just never buy one, if you haven't guessed the brand by now its Schecter.

Fast forward 10 or so years by this time, and I notice their line up is actually looking pretty good, and their list of artists are getting quite long. I decide to put one in my hands.

My god, this is what I've been missing? A spectactular instrument that hangs with the big boys no problem.

So i pulled the trigger and picked one up and couldn't be happier, say hello to my new C-7 SLS Elite with hardtail.

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Oh now that is NICE. 7-stringer. I've never tried one of those. What finish did you decide on? Must've been a tough choice given what I've just seen online.

How are you adjusting to the longer scale length and the neck width? Neck width was something I pondered while trying to make a 5-string electric back in the Ted Newman/Keith Richards days; you know neck width vs string spacing. I opted for 6 strings in the end because I wasn't about to make a 5-string bridge and 5-pole pickups.

How's it feel to play?