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My new Ibanez acoustic electric :mrgreen: . These are stock pictues, I don't have a camera. The only one is on my iPod so....cant upload pics of mine. But it looks just like this:

It feels amazing. It doesn't have as much bass as normal which is what sold me on it. With the electronics, I can control the bass if I ever need more, but I hate it. The pre-amp is really powerful, highly recommend this guitar. I tested around 15 guitars ranging from $200 to $500 and picked this one. The matching headstock is a nice touch too. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

+ I got an Acoustic AG30 amp. Nothing special, just a regular amp with a few mediocre effects.

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Yep, the Ibanez has a little less bass and is a great plug in guitar! And they sure are purrty, so very beautiful! Good 4U! :D

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Congratulations :-)

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I think I have the same one! Mine's an AEG25E.

Bought it last fall so I'd have a guitar to play around with alternate tunings and not mess with my main guitar's strings. Now this one is my main guitar and I do the retuning on my older one.

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Excellent, excellent choice! I have an AEF (predecessor to your model) in transparent violet, and it's hands-down my favorite guitar.

If yours didn't already come from the shop with a professional setup, drop the extra bucks and have it done. I played mine for over 5 years as it came from the factory and always loved it...but I finally took it in just a few months ago for a proper setup and it's like a completely different instrument. Well - not like a tuba :lol: - but the difference in playability was completely unexpected. I guess sometimes you don't realize just how high your action is until someone sets it where it belongs.

At any rate, congrats on the new axe! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine. :)