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Now in school

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Hello everyone, sorry for my absence this summer but I had a lot on my plate, do to the fact that yesterday I just moved into my dorm room. I'm currently a resident of SUNY Oswego, NY. I don't know how much time I'll have for the forums, at least the first few weeks. I did bring my acoustic, the 51', and an amp. I also hope to write songs while I'm here and improve on my songwriting ability. Also, I discovered a great place to play open mic nights back by my home. Its called Cafe Lena. Its in Saratoga and a lot of famous people have played there (Bob Dylan being the one they like to flaunt the most. Apperantly its the oldest folk club in the country. So anyways, It's breakfast time, just thought I would chime in.


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Welcome back, Evan.

Hope its nice to be in school. Enjoy playing and post often.