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One guitar through 2 amps...awesome

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For Christmas I got a Morley ABY Switcher thang and it's stupendous. I now use my normal Vox AD30VT and pedals set up, but now i can also put the guitar into my acoustic amp at the same time to kinda undercut the Vox with a nice, clean sound. i've made it much bassier to complement the Vox and I have found that it REALLY adds some dimension to rhythym playing. For leads and single notes, it sounds kinda eh, but those chords just sound GREAT. For a while I didn't understand why people used multiple amps at the same time, but now i think it sounds wonderful. and i guess with the 2q speakers, it pushes more air so it sounds beefier. When i move out of the house and get more space to lay out my guitaring stuff, i hope to put the 2 amps apart, instead of on top, to see how it effects the sound and kinda get a stereo type thang going on. also, i can pop in my acoustic guitar, twiddle with the knobs slighly, stomp on a switch and presto! instant amplified acoustic. im still trying to figure out that compressor's going into the acoustic amp and im having issues with keeping it the same volume when it's on as compared to off. i'll figure that out eventually with some fiddling.

Anyways, i just wanted to share my new amp revelation. if you have 2 amps laying around, you might wanna consider trying this to spice up your sound, if you dont already do so.

happy new year, y'all

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Congrats on your revelation. I've been doing similar for awhile. I'm currently using a tube preamp to split into my vox vt30 and an acoustic amp on as clean of settings as possible to get some great blues sounds. I have the reverb on the vox and reverb and a touch of chorus on my acoustic. I'm using my Gibby V and trying to get an Albert King sound going. I also have an ABY splitter I will probably use to incorporate my Roland 30watt bass amp in there to really see where I can go with a "vintage" blues sound. Then, When I want a metal sound, I'll change the settings on the vox and run to my Marshall instead of the acoustic amp.

It is a small world for metal fanatics. I welcome you fellow musicians, especially the metalheads!