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One handed playing....
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One handed

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I am in search of any advice with learning to play with just one hand.

after seeing this video ^ (link above)
Can anyone please point me in the direction of a place that I could learn to do this? Or just give me a few rifs that I could do this with.


big love

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Ain't no way you can learn that.
It's a talent must go back to when we wuz long armed dexterous Orangutangs or summink.
And had to start to practicing in the womb, strumming your umbilical cord.
but awesome video.
Made my day.

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It's not that hard to do, although it probably will take some time to get that good at it.

In order to play one handed like that you need to have a good command of various fretting hand techniques and, believe it or not, you get that simply from playing. Being able to play good clean hammer-ons is obviously the first place to focus as that's how you're going to get most of your initial notes.

Like anything, start out easy. Pick a simple riff that you know quite well and start there. Even using a scale pattern would work.

You'll also want to know where your notes are on the fretboard and how they relate to various chords and riffs. Being able to pull-off to open strings works well when the notes of the open strings fit into the riffs you're playing.

The more you approach learning this from simple technique (as opposed to simply being in awe of it), the faster you'll be able to figure a lot of it out.

Hope this helps.

And a welcome to Guitar Noise to both of you (incredibly strange to get first-timers on the same thread in such a short time - you'd almost think it was planned that way! :wink: )


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Watch Michael Hedges....Stanley Clarke

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Those three words no one wants to hear. Practice, practice, practice.
You could check out Stanley Jordan. It's a different feel than your link but his website used to have an intro to tapping lesson link. Looks like it is under construction right now. Here's his take on Autumn Leaves.
I plan to develope that ability later but still need to come to grips, (1 handed) :lol: , with getting my basics down first.


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He's right.....I have the wrong Stanley......he's amazing