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Pancho and Lefty

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It's a song I've always liked and I'm ready to tackle it.
But I can't find any tabs for the finger picking version of it.
Plenty showing the chords . . . but not tabs for the finger picking.

Here's a good Youtube for a strumming version lesson of the song

And here's a video showing a different set of chords that uses the finger picking version I'd like to be able to do.

So here's my question, can anyone get me started by showing what a good string sequence would be for this song?
Like the one in the video?

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I only had a quick look..... but the thumb always seems to do a bass that alternates between the low E and the D and then almost always he uses the first finger on the G string and the middle on the B string but thats a quick look...... I would recommend if you really wanted to learn it - tabbing out from that video and if you need any help figuring out what fingers to use then come back when you've transcribed it - OR search for "Pancho and Lefty" guitar pro tab on google and download Tuxguitar if you dont have it.

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