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Parlor Guitars???

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Does anyone have recommendations for good parlor guitars? Im looking in the $300-500 range. Ive had my eyes on the Alvarez Artist Series AP70, Washburn WP11SNS, Seagull Coastline Cedar Grand, Ibanez AVN5OPN. I really like the look of the Ibanez but what kind of reputation does this brand have?

I have a seagull dreadnought but after learning ukulele it has been had to go back to such a large body guitar. Is a parlor guitar better than something like the Little Martin?

Please send me your recommendations and thoughts!

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Fender make a nice parlor-sized acoustic, the CP-100 (link below). A couple of my students have them.

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One of the nicest I have played is a Seagull one but unfortunately I cannot remember the model number. I have played the little martin and also the Taylor GS mini. They are worth checking out too especially the GS mini. I have played some of the Ibanez but am not very impressed. I would agree with Alan to try out the Fender one. But if I'm in the market for a parlor, I would go for the Gretsch Dandy

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I had a small Martin (think it was a DXME) a few years ago. It was about parlor size, had built in electronics and a solid top. I liked it a lot, but I'm not sure they are still being made.