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Pawn shop buying

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I once bought a $2000 BC Rich in a pawn shop for $400. And I've seen many great deals at other pawn shops. What you got to remember is that most of the staff at a pawn shop no nothing about guitars. They believe that if it doesn't say Fender or Gibson, that it's an el cheapo. That's where you can make a killing. Get a really good guitar for a lot less than it's worth. But always plug it in; it may look brand new, but the electronics may be shot: most of the time, they don't try them when they buy them.

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I know you have mentioned the Agiles before...If you could I would wait the extra day or so and get what you want.

Thanks Mike. Agile is one of the guitar on my list that I would want. I mention Sat because that is when my next jam is with my teacher but even if I two day shipped it I wouldnt be ready to play with it.

Its all mute now anyway because I had to blow 300+ dollars on four tires but thanks for the info.

Like I said, my next guitar is going to be a Schecter I found.. But I will be getthng that Agile we talked about someday.


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I am looking to buy a new guitar from a pawn shop and this discussion helped me a lot in buying it. Thank you.

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