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Piano music...? huh...
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Piano music...? huh....this is a guitar site!

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I play guitar, my wife, the piano. We try to play together but are having trouble finding music for the piano. Anyone know of a site that is simular to the many guitar sites where one can get the words and chord for a song but for piano..?


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Well, I've seen sites with piano TAB, but it's not sheet music. Piano tab basically tells you what notes to play in what octave: however it is tricky to read at first and it usaully has no rhythm indications but it is better than no music at all.

Http:// has a fair selection of piano/keyboard tabs.

There are MANY sites with piano sheet music but it does cost money.


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if you're desperate, you can find some of the more poppy sheet music when searching on limewire or some similar program...

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Try and get his fake book. You have to know your cords because he charts the cords for the keyboard. My wife and I have been using his material with good results.

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songs with a piano part, in powertab, are transcribed as a guitar, so if you get powertab software, then find the tab, a piano part (should be) transcribed there, it has tab and sheet music above it so your wife will be able to read it..

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Huh? I'm missing something. Just about every song ever written can be bought for piano, with lyrics and guitar chords. The catalogs are thicker than a NYC phone book.

Unless you were looking for free, and then the problem is that it's so cheap to buy ($1/song), and there is plenty of availability, that it's not worth anyone's time to transcribe it.

TAB really/probably started because the piano books didn't transcribe the guitar solos.