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Pick Wear

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So do any of you ever pay attention to how your picks wear or break? I've noticed that every single one of my picks has wear in the same place. And if I play the same pick, it'll wear down into the same shape. They develop more of an edge to them, almost as if i'm sharpening them. Also, they break in the same place...they crack right above the tip about halfway through the pick. And they're heavies! mmm Fender Celluloid heavies.......

i'm just curious if anyone else pays attention to this.

On a side note, my picks are also starting to wear the neck pickup COVER on my Ibanez. the corner of the cover is starting to get a groove and worn smooth. Interesting, eh?

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I use mostly Fender Celluloid mediums and heavies. The mediums last me a couple of weeks then they get real weak or break. I play a lot of rhythm so they get really heavy use since I play a few hours a day. I honestly don't know if that is normal or not. I buy them in bulk so I get them real cheap and don't worry about it since I like these picks and have tried a lot of others and haven't found any that I like better.

It is rare that I hit a pickup so I have no wear on any of them.

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I can't remember ever breaking a pick, but yeah they wear out the same way every time. I don't think I mark up my pick ups, like you do.

I think after trying a bunch of different kinds of picks, we all settle on our favorite one, and buy them , in bunches. :D

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I can't imagine breaking a fender heavy. :p

I play pretty lightly though.

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Tortex (Dunlop trade name, might be textured Delrin) and celluloid picks wear in the same fairly rapid and predictable manner for me. Nylon, stone and whatever Dunlop Jazz Stubbies (molded somethingorother) seem far more durable, and show little wear. For better control, I normally don't use anything less than 1 mm. But the odd, thinner pick I might put to strings usually will crack before showing too much wear. Even 1 mm picks become distorted into a vague bowl shape after a few days of heavy acoustic playing -- presumably due to strumming and finger grip pressure.

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