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Playing leftie and ...
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Playing leftie and righty?

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To Arjen alias Sleutelbos alias Ignar alias Sleutelbos' Evil Twin :

Ah man, not taking anything personal. Discussions like these are good and I respect your POV. Infact, those people are short minded who do not even want to listen others' opinions and they are really silly and immature.

So its always a pleasure to read your posts and I am looking forward to hear more from you always. :D

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hmmmm, interesting debate. I think the idea that left handed people are more creative is just plain wrong. Loads of people argue that it must be true because musician X is left handed.... this really annoys me because sure artist X was good but think of the hundreds of other equally good musicians who are right handed. I'm not saying right handed people are more creative just I don't think there is a connection.
Anyways, more on topic.....
My brother [a lefty] started playing the guitar a while ago and because there wasn't a left-handed guitar in the house was forced to learn on a right-handed guitar. I don't think it has effected his ability to play the guitar at all. he [just like pretty much all other right-handed people] finds it extremely uncomfortable to play on a left handed guitar. What is interesting though is that his playing is almost entirely focused on his right hand [through stuff like complicated fingerpicking and purcussion-like slapping] I dunno whether this is just due to his taste in music [and therefore musical development] or the fact that he is a lefty.....

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This thread brought back the memory of my first days at school (1961) where I was forced to keep my left hand behind my back because, in the words of the teacher, if I wasn't going to pick up the pencil with the "proper hand" I shouldn't pick it up at all. I never did pick up the pencil..... good ole Miss Fisher..... funny how you remember some things.

Anyway I digress.... in my *own* case I actually started off trying to learn to play as a rightie since my sister had bought a guitar and it was available. However I was so spastic with no obvious signs of improvement after roughly six months while friends who had bought guitars at the same time could play tunes that were recognizable.... very depressing. When it can time to buy a guitar, I bought a rightie and got the store to convert it over because I knew then that the rightie thing wasn't going to work. Having no illusions of fame and fortune then or now, the whole purpose of playing guitar for me was to have fun and trying to play rightie was no fun. If there had been no option to convert the guitar I wouldn't have continued because at least with a piano I could play (not well mind you) and hear a resemblance to the actual tune.

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