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Please Help Me Decide On An Amp.....

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The Vox is about $269. I use effects with it, and I think it sounds great. It's 30watts, but it has a dial on the back so you can make the speaker output lesser. I have mine set at about 15 watts. And I still play my acoustic through it and i love it.

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I have the VOX and I like it a lot! But, like Arjen said, it is good on it's own, but if you start using a modeler before it, then it's not such a great choice.

Even with my multi-effects pedal, I end up in a bi-modal use model: Either leave the VOX in a really clean state and use the multi-effects pedal, or switch the multi-effect pedal into bypass and play with the VOX effects. I can see it being not a great choice with a V-amp. But if you hadn't bought the V-amp, I would have said "Go vox, go vox, go vox!'"..

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With all due respect, but marshall would be one of the WORST choices in my opinion. Besides the fact that the marshall MG (and to a lesser extend the AVT lines) have a downright nasty clean and mediocre buzzy drive channel they are so overpriced it makes no sense to buy them just to amplify a Vamp and accoustic guitar. The marshall sounds in the Vamp are more convincing then the marshall sounds in their cheaper lines, which is a true modern tragedy indeed*. Besides, the cheaper marshall don't even have an FX loop.

*Just my opinion, not trying to take a piss on anyone's gear but I am trying to help Mike get the stuff he needs in his situation.

Hey arjen its ok man.And anyways i am just impressed by huge marshall stacks.I never have played an electric guitar.I am quite satisfied with my beautiful classical guitar 8)

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im not much of a fan of marshall either. i personally love my crate gt 212 combo. im pretty sure its solid state with analog reverb, but it sounds like high end valve. its clean channel is pretty nice with some reverb, but not the greatest ever if you want a very "accoustic" sounding tone. i really wish i didnt get rid of my classical :( when money's tight, though...

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