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Possibly dumb string question

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I recently got a set of Ernie Ball Super Slinky's to use on my electric and noticed the paper sleeve the individual strings come in say the strings could be used on an accoustic or an electric. Now normally on my accoustic I use either lights or custom lights (Elixir's or Martin SP depending on my mood when it comes time to change them). Has anyone out there ever used any of the Slinky strings on an accoutic (based on the gauges I'm thinking either the regular slinky or power slinky sets would be similar to custom lights or lights)? If so how was the sound?


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I have used electric strings on my acoustics before (back in the day) for the sole purpose of bending the notes a couple of steps. I could never find light enough strings to do that with. Definitley sacrficed the tone. Maybe things are better now.

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Heck, back in the day I used EB Extra Slinkys on my acoustic; wanted to learn to bend without hurting my fingers too much. I can't say I was worried about tone though. It was a bit thin as you might imagine. But I still use electric strings on acoustics once in awhile. If you don't listen really carefully or if the guitar is way back in the mix in a recording, I don't hear much difference.

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Not sure, but I know that acoustic strings on an electric sound horrible. My buddy went and bought strings because he had snapped one, and not paying attention got acoustic strings. He didn't want to not be able to play for a while so he put them on, and it was bad.

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Tinny tinny tinny

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Tinny tinny tinny

I put some electric strings on an acoustic once because I needed strings and had them available, as the prior post said "Tinny". You can get away with electric strings on an acoustic but don't use acoustic strings on an electric, they don't generate the magnetic field or whatever it is thats needed to drive the pickups.