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Practice Habits

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Hello all
just wondering how different people organise their practice time.
I am a 54 year old who loves all kinds of guitar (classical, blues, Steve Earl/Guy Clark type country
I try to practice for about 45 mins before work (615 to 7am) and then about an hour or so in the evening.
I have a decent set up as regards the room i have and the kids are left home now so only myself and the missus.
I find most work is done in the morning and that in the evening my energy levels are too low for anything but just jamming along to jamtracks or learning some easy blues licks.
I record the piece once I learn it now on my Boss RC3 loop pedal.
this week I will record Classical Gas (took me forever so I want even tell you how long to learn!!)
I am starting Recuerdos de la Alhambra now and it will probably go on forever too but I love it and have always wanted to play it.
Really I am just interested in how people stop themselves from getting stuck in a rut as it can be hard when you dont play with any other people which is something I always regret for myself.
I imagine I would learn twice as quick if I knew someone was coming up at the weekend and we were going to play a particular piece!
Thats the reason I set calendar dates to record pieces.
Any thoughts out there on the subject???

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I have to keep my solo Classical, my Guitar Orchestra, my Big Band and my wedding music ticking over, so they get an evening per show each week. I'm also trying to build a jazz show, so fingerstyle jazz is getting an evening too. That leaves me two days to work on Early Music, which I'm a huge fan of, and adding new material to my repertoire. I like to practise my sightreading too.

Something has to give.

When I have a show coming up, then everything else has to wait. I guess I practise for about two hours each day, minimum. Sometimes that includes the Big Band rehearsal, sometimes it's as well as guitar orchestra. It's chaos. Somehow, I survive.

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If you can't practice on stage, where can you practice?

Seriously, my practice is frequent by on no set schedule. Self employment = flexibility.

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Hey Dicey

Welcome to the world of **work 40+ hours, do chores and become the virtuoso we all want to be!** If you want to find the most efficient method for learning a certain song, well I guess there are many resources on the internet; Guitar Pro, Powertab stuff like that, anything that I can slow down and loop a bar or two of the music (or even a note or two if that's what's giving me fits)

Looping/slow down programs, where I can take a slice of the original track and go over it and over it until I get it, and yeah even someone musically challenged like myself will get it.

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I play about 90 minutes a day. Sometimes it's structured technical practice, sometimes it's reviewing songs, but there's always some time reserved for practicing improvisation, too.

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Personally i find it better for me, if i worry less about how long i practice for, and more on what i practice.

Before other life commitments got in the way I would play all night if I could. However, half an hour to 40 minutes now can feel like a great practice if I make sure I am learning some new style, or making a huge effort to improve just one part of my technique.

I just make those 40 minutes as intense as I can - I might find times to jam during the week too, but I never count jam time as practice (even though it can be).

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