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problem with B-string

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I've heard a number of people say they have trouble tuning their 3rd (or G) string, but lately I seem to be having trouble with my 2nd (or B) string as well. It keeps wanting to go sharp, but if I try to tune it, I always end up making it flat. I can never seem to get it right on pitch - it's either sharp or flat. I thought it was that particular string so I put a new one on, but that didn't seem to solve the problem. I've been playing for a couple years but have only noticed this problem with my B-string in the past few months. I'm wondering if it's something with my guitar itself. Anyone got any ideas as to the problem and how I might fix it?

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I've always found that the G and B string require the most attention. I don't actually know the reason why, but it may be something to doing with the amount of tension on those strings. However I suspect that it's also partly because those higher pitches seem particularly noticeable. It doesn't seem to show up quite as much if one of the lower ones is a little bit out. Maybe that's just my ears though. I also find that the more years that I've played for then the more accurately I hear 'errors' in pitch.

As for fixing it, about the only thing I can think of that might help is applying a small amount of lubricant to the nut, in case it's sticking slightly in the groove. Not oil though. Graphite does the job, and a simple pencil will provide the material. See here for an explanation Graphite in your nuts


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I agree, lubricating the nut slot should help. Also, make sure that you are tuning "up". While tuning, if a string happens to be sharp, loosen the tuner until it is slightly flat, then tune "up" to the note. This prevents "blowback" that can occur when you loosen the tuner down to pitch rather than tightening it up to pitch.

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