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psychedelic music

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what do u reckon the popularity of psychedelic music is in the music industry and in a whole, whats the chances of a psychedelic band getting a recording deal or something, thanks for all replies


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People like Wolfmother (you aren't neccasaryilly psychedelic) are doing pretty well. I think if the band found the right recording label, they could get signed.

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I think any type of band can get signed but it takes a lot of work. You have to pretty much get a big crowd interested and show the record company you can make it. Record companies don't seem to take a lot of risks so you have to show them it will sell.

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Depends on what you consider psychedelic. I consider anything transcendential (brings the listener to higher states of consciousness) psychedelic.

In that case Tool, King Crimson, and The Doors come to mind - they all have record deals and are enormously successful.

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There is a whole truckload of psychedelic bands that have 'made it'. The chance of being signed is largely based on the quality of the band in the widest sense of the word.

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Not being cynical or downbeat, but getting a record deal is easy. 1: Get a lawyer. 2: Get the lawyer to write a contract 3: Get the lawyer to make the deal. Then when you start making records and touring, just don't expect any money.

As far as is psychedelic music a marketable product? Hey, people eventually buy anything.

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