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Quick time signature question

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Ok so i was playing around with nobody told me by john lennon and noticed there were some bars of 2/4 mixed with the main 4/4 time signature for some reason i cant tell 2/4 and 4/4 apart when listening to a song by ear is there something to look out for to make it easier.

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Time signatures represent meters, or patterns of stress. Everything in music occurs in patterns of two (stressed/not stressed) or three (stress/not stressed/not stressed).

When groups are combined into larger units, the first beat is the primary stress, and the second stressed beat is a bit less: 4/4 time is STRESS/not stressed/stressed/not stressed. Unless you're really paying attention they can sound very similar.

It was pretty common for Lennon to mix patterns to fit his lyrics, so you'll often see one or more measures of two beats mixed in with the measures of four.

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