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Id like to buy a small and inexpensive recorder to write down song ideas...I looked around and found some 4track cassette recorders, as well as a couple of 4track digital recorders in the sub $200 range.

Can anyone recommend what they use?

OR--- Is there a way i can get some cables thatll allow me to plug in my guitar to record onto my computer using a cheap software program???

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Yes, you can plug a guitar straight into the soundcard on a computer (or whatever sound input jack you have). In the interests of science I just plugged my guitar into the computer and played through the speakers. Nothing blew. And, yes, there is software you can download pretty much free to fiddle with the results.

However, I'd definitely try and get a few better informed opinions before you tried it, as it could be a great way to blow your sound card if you don't have all the information. It's clearly possible but it might not be recommended. :o

As to recording machines it depends pretty much on your budget and what you want to do with it. Is it really only just for ideas, and do you want to be able to slip it in your pocket? Or might you want to transfer the results across to the computer to fiddle around with them? It's a bit like "how long is a piece of string" or "what guitar shall I buy?" - there are lots of possible answers.

Try doing a search here. :) OK, I hate people who jump in on forums and say "Use the Search engine!" but in this case it could be handy. There have been some recent discussions about this, I just can't remember which threads they were on (you might try the second page of the recent thread about Playing without Mistakes??)

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Check out this post because this topic was just recently covered: