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Review: DR Coated “Extra Life” Acoustic strings

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I was going to put this in the Reviews section, but it says nothing about gear and alike. Feel free if you want......

I just restrung my Taylor with them. They are the DR hademade coated Clear Phos. EXR-12, ringing in at $11.99 a pack (before tax).

I don't know, for coated strings (a mere .0003” worth) they squeak and awful lot. They don't sound as bright and bassy as the Elixir's I always get (GC doesn't carry Elixir's anymore, btw).

They are a bit grabby which isn't too bad when finger picking, but extremely annoying when sliding. The only bright spot (pun intended) to them are the harmonic's they produce, but then again, all new strings are like that.

All in all, I highly doubt I will find out how much “extra life” they offer.