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Ok, as part of my guitar renaissance I've thought about studying for RGT grades and taking the exams - study the syllabus at home and grade when ready, funds won't stretch to regular lessons. Anyway, was going to ask if anyone has looked at/taken RGT grades and any opinions, thoughts etc.

One of the reasons I am considering it is structure - in my work I'm accustomed to procedures, targets and systems and work well in those disciplines. When I trained in martial arts MANY years ago I worked well within a grading syllabus, similarly when I was at school and college I could focus on exam targets easily-not just as a means to an end for passing exams but actually learning while I was studying. I cant afford the discipline of regular lessons and domestic life can, to be honest, get pretty chaotic :? -one of the reasons I fell off planet guitar for a while. So my reasoning is, even if I just set aside some regular time for RGT work either on its own, or for a period before I hit the overdrive and start battering out power chords and AC/DC esque noises 8) , it should help me develop.

Thoughts, anyone?

edit - for those who aren't aware of this organisation

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Yes, it looks like a good collection of teachers and methods, and would be a good idea. Go, learn and enjoy. :wink:

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Yep - the RGT links to the London College of Music and that's where I did my Classical Guitar Grades. My students automatically do their exams through LCM/RGT rather than the Associated Boards/ Trinity as a result.

Highly recommended.

A :-)

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