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Righthanded 12 string for a lefty?


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I am in the market for a rickenbacker 370/12 in the lefty model. If I order from Rickenbacker it will take a min of 12 months for delivery and it just get worse from other places. How much trouble will I have restringing a righty 12string to a lefty? I know the nut and the bridge will need to be fiddled with, but is there anything else I should worry about? Jees for waiting 12 months you think they would let me create my own signiture model.

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A guy I know waited 8 months for his if I remember. Yes, they pretty much have to grow the trees from scratch and then go from there. That's the only explanation I can come up with. :wink:

I too have been looking for a good lefty 12ver on and off for a long time and I would especially want a lefty Fender VII, which is like a Strat - deal.

Switching one would be like you say, bridge and nut mostly. If you're not opposed to having the knobs and everything upsidedown then it should be fine.

The only other option I've seen for a true lefty 12 is Carvin. I don't know if you've checked them out, but they have two electric 12s that they offer for no extra charge - a solid body and a semi-hollow.

Oh, and there's Warmoth: a little pricey (but so are Ricks) but you could prolly get the parts and build the thing and be playing it long before the Rick got to you.

Just a few thoughts.

Good luck and take care :)

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You might find the pickups will sound funny. The pole pieces, etc. are usually laid out to react to the amount of metal flailing around above them - if used as a lefty, the low E pole piece (that's now hosting the high E) may sound weak, whereas the high E pole piece (that's now got the low E) may sound very pronounced.

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This topics not about an acoustic, but Hendrix's performance of "Hear My Train a Comin' " is exellent and it is played on a righty flipped upside down(and the nut). :)

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