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Scalloped Fretboards

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I first noticed these on the Yngwie Malmsteen sig strat. I've never played a guitar with this neck, just have seen them around. Does anyone have experiece with this neck, and what are the pros and cons? I've heard that it can actually be negative in the long run, since it requires such a delicate touch to prevent the strings from going sharp, which in turn makes other guitars more awkward to play when you go back to a regular fretboard. Comments?


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They give you a better grip when bending and they look cool. There aren't really any cons. It's true that you can't press too hard or you'll go sharp, but you'll do that on a regular fretboard too. Unless your strings are super light, it's pretty much like playing on a regular fretboard. If you were playing on ,010s which were tuned to standard pitch you probably wouldn't notice a difference. Yngwie uses something light (.009s?) and tunes down a little, so it's a bigger issue for him. You don't have to be any gentler than good technique demands on any guitar. It feels a little funny to bend on a regular fretboard, because your fingers touch the wood, but it's really about the same. I've never had any trouble switching back and forth.

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Ygnwie says it gives better grip but is actually harder to play fast with