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Semi-hollow guitarist

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Keef's been known to strap on a semihollow body from time to time.

Still sounds like him though.

I think someone mentioned Steve Howe - not his signature 175, but...what is it - a 335? Jazz-Raga-Rock through a...Dual Showman was it?

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Alex Lifeson of Rush used an ES-335 for the first three albums and sporadically after that, and a 355 in the early years as well.

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Stephen Stills played a gretsch "white falcom" rather awesomely, I believe Neil Young beat on it aswell. Alot of the local rockabilly cats rip on overdriven hollowbodies, i want one myself! Scotty Moore played one that some people say "changed the world" i dont know about that but his doublestops sure sound like two guitars in one.

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