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Ok so we are slowly building up a repetoire of songs to play out we have about 15 now but we are getting some dissention on the songs we are playing. One of the guys thinks the songs are all over the place in terms of style, era etc (even though it's pretty much classic rock).

Just wondering what you think of this song list so far and are there any songs that you don't think fit in with the rest.

White Room - Cream
Sunshine of your love - Cream
Badge - Cream
Livin after Midnight - Judas Priest
Hot Rockin - Judas priest
You got another thing coming - Judas Priest
Day of the Eagle - Robin trower
Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower
Hollywood - Thin Lizzy
In memory of Elizabeth Reed - Allman Brothers
Beer Drinkers/hell Raisers - ZZ Top
La Grange - ZZ Top
Blue on Black - Kenny wayne Shepard
Mississippi Queen - Mountain
Hashpipe - Weezer
come together - Beatles
Birthday - Beatles
Black magic woman - Santana ( not playing this much)

Is that set list to mixed up? There's probably a couple more but I can't think of them at the moment.

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nice list!

I would wonder about Hash Pipe fitting in on the list. With the style of the song, it shouldn't stick out too much - but I could see how it would be seen as different.

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I would agree but that was the only song that I added to the list so it can't go..Ha. Actually I want to play more modern songs too but I'm getting resistance from the other guitar player because if a song doesn't have a lead he doesn't want to play it.

I personally like more upbeat rockin songs and songs like Elizabeth Reed are kinda mamby pampy to me but I go along jst so as not to cause any dissention.

"It's all about stickin it to the man!"
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll!

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Most of the local cover bands have much more eclectic set lists, and I don't see anything wrong with it unless you're presenting yourself as a cover band that has a very specific era/genre niche.

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I'd pay a cover charge to listen to that set list.
I suspect others would too.

That's what gets you gigs, isn't it? The fact that you will draw an audience.

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you should all play songs that get you gigs...

I like country but i play rock and even rap....

we played a bar the other night and nothign was working from Folsom Prison blues, to Voodo Chile, and more nothing got a reaction... so we decided to play Gin and Juice, Cupid Shuffle, and Ice Ice baby (with Sweet Home alabama mixed in) That did the trick....

it's what gets you gigs and money.

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I tell ya, the perfect set list is a mystery that nobody understands. :D

But's it's true, no matter what you play you will wonder what order it should be in, what songs fit or don't fit, etc...

Every band I have ever been in seems to have this difficulty. My only advice is to play songs you personally like. That said, you will always have to compromise and play songs that bandmates like that you do not. I try to have the attitude that all songs are great if performed really well. For example, in our band we play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. And this was actually my idea to play this song. It doesn't fit too well with most of our songs. But.... we play it really well and we've got the vocals down too. So, it's a bubblegum pop song but it sounds great. Plus, I know people love songs where they can sing along on the chorus like Mustang Sally which we also do. That's an ok song, but never one of my personal favorites. But I know that people LOVE this song because they get to sing the chorus. It's always good to have a few songs where the crowd can join in, you will get steady gigs like that, bar owners love bands who play songs like this.

So, play songs you like, but also consider songs that other people like. They are paying to see you play, and the customer is always right.

I dunno, I think you should open with a real kicker, then bring it down a little in the middle. At the end of each set you want to put some real rockers in there to get the crowd excited. Carries them over and they are ready for a little peace and quiet at the breaks. You should probably save your real kickers for the last set, but that can change, and you have to be flexible. If you see folks getting up and leaving, you better drop the sissy songs and start rockin' out. That'll make 'em go to the bar for another drink. 8)

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Chris, pretty nice list! :D

It includes five or six of my favorite songs.

BTW, Black magic woman is composed by Peter Green, Carlos Santana did a good version but I prefer the original. Peter Green has a very special tone in his fingers.

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Looks good to me. 8)

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