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Sibelius, Encore or...
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Sibelius, Encore or Finale?

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I can get one of those programs. I want it mainly for guitar and TAB notation, but will use it to a less extent for MIDI scoring from a Roland Keyboard.

Which one would you choose?

I know its a matter of personal taste, please focus on their ability to score standard notation and TAB for the guitar.

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Sibelius all the way for scores. Don't know about tab, though, for that you might want something like Guitar Pro 4.

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I prefer Finale. It has tab in the newest and second newest version, and still has note scoring. It allows you to play back what you've written (you choose the instruments before composing), but the sounds aren't terribly realistic, but they are proper notes.

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I use both Sibelius and Finale..... have never tried Encore. I like both Sibelius and Finale for different things........... would have to agree with ssstrat11s as far as it Finale being the best for tab. (But I DO love playing with Sibelius........... you're right...... it's just a personal preference thing!)

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I use Finale. It was the first I tried and I liked it, never bothered trying the others.

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