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I don't know how many of you will have heard of this band, they were relatively big in the UK metal world but just recently they split up, which saddens me as they were an incredibly talented band and completely different from any other band I've ever heard.

They are quiet a hard band to get into, and if you don't like heavy music then just stay clear completely but heres a clip of just the guitarists:

And heres a Video for one of their songs:

So my question is, HOW do you start learning such a style of playing? I mean they use a lot of different well known metal techniques (taping, sweep picking etc) but they just seem to take it to the next level? I understand it takes years and years of practice to be that tight, but any insight at all would be nice :).

Thanks guys,

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I like their tone. heavy but lose gravel sounding.
to play like that you need:
to understand how to use the pedals and guitars together to capture the sound in your head,
to have good timing, rhythm, and play percussively,
to see shapes up and down the fretboard,
to be masterful of palm muting and damping,
to use the whole instrument to make sound (it is more than strings and fretboard),
to down tune and use heavy gauge strings (to sound most like them).