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Slow but simple ver...
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Slow but simple version of "silent night"

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Captain America
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Any suggestions welcome here; something simple and slow fingerpicking for the old classic.

Alan Green
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You have a recording or a video you want to share with us, or are you looking for recommendations of what version of sheet music to buy?

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David Hodge
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We've got two different lessons of "Silent Night" here at Guitar Noise. There's this fairly basic one:

And then there's a slightly more complicated version in open D tuning:

Maybe one of these will do the trick. In case you didn't know, we're featuring all of our Christmas and holiday song arrangements this month and you can find the link to those lesson right on near the top of the home page ( ). Just look for the guitar with the bright red ribbon!

Welcome to Guitar Noise, by the way. Looking forward to seeing you around here on the Forum pages.