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So what is stereo e...
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So what is stereo exactly???

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So, now that ive had my two cabs (4x12 celestion vintage 30s and a 2x12 texas heats eminence), I though of delving into the world of stereo guitar, but im not sure exactly what it is....

with the band being a trio, placing one speaker on either stage side would be nice, but im wondering what stero does exactly and how to achieve two similiar yet different tones between the two speakers...or is this something u need two amps for? any help or links to answers would be swell!

(also, if running it is mono, both cabs are 8 ohms, so im pretty sure i need to set my head to 16 ohms to run both speakers right?)

my head is a peavey XXX, so the ohms are switchable between 4, 8, 16 :)

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