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Well, I've been playing guitar for about 7 months now, and at first I never really enjoyed playing people's stuff, because I really sucked. So, I just started playing my own stuff. Well, now I've gotten back into play other people's things, but I have no idea where to start.

Part of the problem is that I've been playing songs way too easily. It took me about 5 minutes to learn Crazy Train in its entirety yesterday. They're fun to play and all, but it's just boring because there's not much of a challenge there.

The other problem is shooting to high. I tried learning Jimi Hendrix's Little Wing yesterday, and I was totally crapped on (but I'm gettin' it.). These things sort of present me with the problem I had when I first began, and they're sort of discouraging.

So, anyway, I was just wondering what a good way to better estimate and find a song that will still be challenging, but possible for me to play.

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A number of options:

1. Record yourself, either on tape or video. You can then give a proper opinion on your own abilities (which you can't really do when you're playing). You will also identify weak areas which need tightening up a bit.

2. Think about those songs you really love, and try learning those. Some may be out of your league, in which case they are a good target for improvement, or if they are too easy, try tarting them up a bit, or changing the style or tempo - fiddle with the song and come up with your own 'cover version'.

3. Join or form a band - if you can play its the best way to go. Put your abilities to the test and into a context. If you can learn songs that quickly you'll be gigging in no time!

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One of my favorite expressions is,

"It isnt easy to go from 'Ode to Joy' to 'Little Wing'."

In addition to the advice above remember that music is a combination of all things learned. To learn to play Little Wing well, look at what makes the song difficult. I would say mastery of the Pentatonics, tempo, and 'groove' are essential. The most common issues I hear when people try to play songs that are technical lead peices are lack of groove. You might hit all the right notes, but when is sometimes just as important as what.

Little Wing isnt the issue with my response, its only my example. My point is, everything you do with your guitar or in relation to it brings you one step closer to profficiency.

Writing your own songs, learning other peoples, scales, running through chords, reading about theory or technique is all essential to learning Little Wing, along with everything else.