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Song Suggestions Needed

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I'm playing a concert with my church band. We're going to play some regular songs. It's also opening the show, so they need to be upbeat.
Problem is, I'm having trouble getting inspiration for what songs to play!
We'll have an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a pianist, a drummer, and a female vocalist. Note no bass player. He's at a wedding!

We're doing 3 songs. Any suggestions?

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what are your 3 favorite songs that you can play or think you can learn by then?

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What kind of a venue are you playing? What kind of crowd is expected? (18+, families, all kids...?)

If it's at the church you may want to avoid Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, etc :lol:

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We just did something like this Sunday night. We had 1 acoustic, 1 electric (me), harmonica (me), piano, no drummer so no drums, 1 male leads, 1 male backup (me) and 2 female backups. We were the only church attending that has a contemporary service.
It's tough to recommend songs not knowing the type of concert you are involved with.
We always chose songs that we do well and enjoy, that comes through to the attendees and makes for a much more enjoyable time for all of us.
We had fun, I bet you will to.


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It's a family show, with around 100-200 audience.
It's a variety show, so the songs can be well-known or popular.

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1. Proud Mary - CCR. Easy to learn, well-known, and everybody loves CCR - great with a female lead also, remember Tinas T´s version? :-)
2. Start me up - Rolling Stones. Easy, up-beat and a great song! Might be a problem with the open tuning though... :roll:
3. The Passenger - Iggy Pop (nice rhythm, everybody can join in on the "singing la-la-la-la-lala-la-la" :-)

Well, those are my suggestions anyways! :wink:

- Good luck!

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i honestly have no idea what Genre you're looking for or what time period... but here's some ideas. Upbeat being the goal

Jimmy Eat World - the middle
Blur - Song 2
something by Mellencamp?
rolling stones - as said above ^
maroon 5

if you're going for Church music, kutless has a cool version of "better is one day" that my band plays
switchfoot - meant to live, stars, chem6a

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Since you're playing for a church,may I suggest some Rich Mullins songs? "Step by Step" and "Creed" are great songs and even though they're played with a hammered dulcimer they can played with a guitar. Another thing I do is to change the Hymns to a moderen beat or to a blues feel that you feel comfortable. You'll be amazed how "Amazing Grace" sounds when you play it to the tune of "California Girls"! Change the chorus to fit the song and you got a hit.