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Songs the the progression A, D, E, A

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I'm trying to put together a song which ends with a medly of songs using the progression A,D, E, A I have a few but I'm struggling to think of anymore.

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Summertime Blues
Louie, Louie (A D Em)
Blitzkrieg Bop

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WildThing - The Troggs a,d,e,d
Seven Bridges Road -- The Eagles e,d,a,e

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All country songs ever written ;-)

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that is a simple chord progression. it is used in many songs. just about any song using that format can be transposed to those exact chords. for example, I play "Wild Thing" in E. the chords progression then would be E A B E. simple to change to A D E A.

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All country songs ever written ;-)

I guess the chorus to "Lay Down Sally" fits nicely into that thought!

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A, D, E is a I, IV, V progression.

I would think that there are literally hundreds of thousands of songs that use it. I hope you have a good database software and a big disk.

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