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sound settings on a...
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sound settings on amps...

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Hi I'm wondering if there's any sort of guide on amp settings on how to get a particular sound? There's gotta be some sort of guide which describes how to get a blousy sound or funky sound etc... Would be really nice if someone could post it... (otherwise I guess I'd have to right it and sell it myself:)

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I think you've got to play with your amp and psych it out for each amp. Amps, like guitars, have specific tonal characteristics. I don't think there is a universal rosetta stone that will always direct you to a specific sound.

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As Musenfreund says every amp will respond differently, but there are ofcourse some obvious guidelines.

Metal rhythm: mid scoop, medium gain
Metal lead: mid boost, hi gain
Blues: mid boost, mild overdrive
Funk: trebbly, clean
Jazz: high bass, medium mids little treble, clean.

Just some basic starting points, but you have a billion different sounds in every genre so feel free to experiment.