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Spoiled / Rant - Too much for strings

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I've got a GC like 10 minutes away from here, but...I know the look I'll get if I go in and ask for SIT C6 lap strings, La Bella red treble flamenco strings (about: blank), so I just make big orders once in awhile from The 3 pack D'Addario 10s are really priced well in my opinion.

Oh, and nobody looks at me like I'm some alien when I order lap steel sets. :)

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Us people in Turkey always win in this contest: "That's nothin'! I used to pay 25 million for a set of elixers here."

A hoopy frood knows where his towel is....

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Lol. What is Turkey's currency - Francs or something?

Thtat's a good one :)

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For those of us who have to put up with uk prices check out
I've saved a small fortune and they deliver next day!

Nice one, Bobble - my d'Addario EXL120 Nickel Plated are only £3.50 instead of £6 or £10 for 2 sets 8)

If I didn't have 3 and 5/6 sets in my gig bag already I'd put in an order today ...

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