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STOLEN GEAR... I ne...
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STOLEN GEAR... I never thought this would happen.

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A lot of music stores in my area will post up pictures of stolen gear around the register just in case someone tries to sell it back, could check that out. Good Luck finding it.

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This kinda stuff just makes me sick. Something just like this happened last year in band at school. These two heroine addicted creeps came into the band room after school and stole an alto and a tenor sax. They sold them to a local pawn shop for drug money and they turned up on eBay about two weeks later. Definitely keep an eye out on eBay and at the local pawn shops. People don't just steal musical equipment to use it. They know this stuff is expensive and they know they can make a hefty profit. Like stated before, make the pawn shop your seconary home and visit eBay daily. Hopefully this will yeild results. I'm very sorry to hear this kind of thing happened and I wish you all the luck in getting your gear back. Like I said it makes me sick to think about how they just took the stuff and to think it could have been my sax because mine was right under the one alto that was stolen. Let's hope they catch these guys. Keep on the positive side and things will start to look up. Good luck man! :D

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This is incredibly disturbing. I hope they are caught, and I hope it wasn't anyone who you know and trust.

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That really sucks dude, really sorry to hear that, I had an expensive mountain bike stolen a few years back and it sucked, but I can't even imagine having my guitars jacked. I hope you get lucky and your stuff gets recovered!

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Sorry to hear that. Like everyone says, get some photos of the gear into all the local shops. Fingers crossed. - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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You may try and make a trip over to Colombia's pawn shoppes, soon, also. PM me with some better descriptions and I'll look around the Charlotte, NC Pawn shoppes if you want. I don't know if your thief would make a 2 hr trip to Charlotte to sell some stuff, but maybe.

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That's a real bummer. I really hope that you find your gear and bust whoever stole your gear.

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Sorry to hear it bro. I had my motorcycle stolen two years ago so I know how you feel.

I have a spare acoustic that I don't use anymore. You are welcome to borrow it if you want.
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Too bad .. real sorry to hear. Hope you get some of the gear back, or can get some coverage from home owners insurance or something.

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No good news yet, but I have definitly been keeping an eye out for things. Honestly if the people who took the stuff know me, then they know how I keep track of things. Every pawn shop, consignment shop, guitar store, stereo store, and paint shops have my guitars serial numbers and pics. Hopefully something will turn up. I believe the Guitars and Amp will be the toughest to sell. The pedals on the other hand could go one of many ways. Not to mention someone stealing them to just have them. All I know is I am keeping an eye out for any musicians who pop up with any new gear around my town.

On a positive note, I think I will start contemplating a new rig. I have about 500 bucks from the insurance company coming plus some of my savings from summer work. Might finally build that Solid Pine Body Tele I have been wanting to build.

Thanks guys for all the help.

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Offer a reward for the return of your stuff. Offer a bigger reward for the person who can lead you or the POLICE to the PERPETRATORS. Always wanted to use that word in a sentence, probably spelled it wrong LOL.

WOW that sucks really really bad. I feel for you man. About 10 years back I had my amp stolen, my friends did it. Yeah they were good friends. HAHA.

Best of Luck!!

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Sorry I just saw this thread! I think putting up posters is a good idea...PLUS besides your local pawn & music shops maybe also notify shops within a 50 mile radius. There is a good chance they sold the stuff out of town where there is less heat...

Good Luck!

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wow. i'm really sorry. i'd pursue all the advice offered here so far. what a hassle.

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that's so terrible!! I can't believe that people can do that!! And guitars!! that's not just getting something
stolen that's got ALOT of Sentimental value there!! that's your babies!!
I'm so sorry to hear that had to happen to you!!

I had a bunch of gear stolen one time while I was attending Berklee College of Music!
and I thought that was so LOW! I mean getting your gear stolen from you buy another "musician"!!
I used to be alot more trusting before that happen to me, I had to learn the hard way.

Keep your chin up bro and I hope good things happen!! Free Guitar Video Lessons - Just Opened!

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